The Selvedge is a bi-monthly publication of the Minneapolis-St. Paul American Sewing Guild. Because it is a benefit of membership in the American Sewing Guild, it is password protected and not available for viewing by the general public.  Editions of Selvedge are password protected per the policy of the national office of the American Sewing Guild to preserve the private contact information of chapter leadership and neighborhood group leaders. A password is issued via email when a new edition of the Selvedge is posted. Members may set their own password to access archived newsletters. Should your membership lapse or conclude, your access to this information will be restricted.

If you have sewing news or ideas for articles, please contact the Newsletter Editor.
Neighborhood Group leaders should contact the Neighborhood Group Coordinator for changes to their listing.

Retail partners and advertisers should contact the Retail Liaison.

The Selvedge is saved as a PDF. If you do not have a current version of Adobe Acrobat or other popular PDF reading software you may experience technical difficulties that the ASG CAB cannot resolve.

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